NTRC 15th Anniversary


• Poster Competition
• Website Competition
• T. A. Marryshow Community College Scholarship Awards
• Community Outreach Programs

NTRC has engaged in several activities to celebrate its 15th Anniversary. The official closing ceremony is carded for June, 2016. The activities will include the delivery of awards to the NTRC Scholarship Program.

The NTRC Scholarship Program originated as part of the 15th Anniversary celebration, however, there are plans to keep this program on an annual basis to play a role part in the education of our youth.

The first phase of this Scholarship Program consisted of ten (10) recipients of the T. A. Marryshow Community College within the field of Information Technology. The scholarship will cover the full tuition of these students for a two (2) year duration. Each awardee is expected to maintain a GPA of 2.5 with regular submissions of grades.

List of Recipients

• John Doe
• Jenny Doe

The NTRC Poster Competition was opened to both primary and secondary school through out the tri-island state including Carriacou. The submissions were judged by a panel of esteemed and varied background to select the most suited winners. The awards will be administered during the 15th Anniversary Closing Ceremony.

Secondary School Website Competition

The NTRC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education is hosting a website competition as part of the 15th Anniversary Celebrations of the NTRC. The competition is open to secondary school students only. The purpose of the competition is to aid in the development of local content and to promote the wide spread use of .gd domain name in Grenada (.gd - Grenada’s identity on the internet). This project is also geared towards enhancing educational experience and development of students in Grenada in the field of IT/ICT. The competition commenced on 22nd September 2015 and will close on 29th April, 2016.

Eligibility for participation

The competition is open to secondary school students only, working in teams of no more than 4 students to build a website for their school.
The competition is not limited to IT students only. Only one team is permitted per school.
Each school should indicate the members of their team to the NTRC by completing the attached form and submitting to the NTRC upon submission of their entry.
Each entry must be submitted through your school by signing the attached entry form. The NTRC will confirm receipt of submissions received within the deadline of 29th April, 2016.

How to participate in the Competition

Each school shall develop a 3+ page professional website with all the basic features and functions of a good working website. The NTRC wants to make this project sustainable by introducing other phases of the website project. These phases include other E- education platform which the NTRC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education will execute.

Submissions received outside of this timeframe will not be considered. The website must be created for the school the students are attending.
The website must contain the following:
• Menu - each page (with working links)
• Introductory/overview - information about the school
• Must contain at least 3 pages; including the following:
• • “Home” page,
• • “About us” page
• • “Contact” page
• And any other page(s) the team see fit

Permitted Web Development Software Programs/Tools:
Any web design program including but not limited to:-
• Dreamweaver
• Expression Web
• Lynx
• Notepad++
• Visual Studio
• Code Blocks

The following can be used:

Built-in template, template wizard, or Predesigned template from the internet or any other outside source
• Web builder tools (i.e Squarespace)
• Premade JavaScript code
• Cascading style sheet (CSS) from the internet, or any other outside source
• Content Management System (CMS); including but not limited to: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.
• Please note that the use of WIX is prohibited.

Prohibited Content:

Websites shall not contain material such as pornography, profanity, nothing offensive to a person’s gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs and no references to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

Default Pages:

The default/home page filename should be:
• index.html
• index.php
• index.htm
• default.htm
• default.html

Cascading Style Sheets:

• Cascading Style Sheets can either be created from scratch, or by using one of the permitted web development software tools.


• JavaScript may be utilised in the website.


Each website must meet the following accessibility guidelines:
• If JavaScript is required for navigation, a non-script alternative navigation option (such as hyperlinks at the bottom of the page) must be included.
• All images should be coded using the ALT attribute.
• All text should be coded to allow resizing in the web browser.
• Tables and frames may be used, but should be formatted so that Lynx can read them

Submission - Web Server Access:

• Schools will be provided with hosting service and access credentials to a web server to upload and view their website.
• On completion of the website, the school must email the entry form to the [email protected] Re: website competition; Upon receipt of the form, the NTRC will email a link for the website to be uploaded.

Evaluation Criteria:

• Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Creativity

2. Content
• Correct spelling and grammar
• Making content easier and faster to understand
• Accuracy and relevance of content
• Adherence to copyright laws

3. Design
• HTML standards
• Effective navigation and working links
• Effective use of multimedia content (images, audio, video animation, etc.)
• Browser compatibility
• Visual appeal and style (color, contrast, fonts, white space etc.)
• Consistent look and feel
• Readability
• Minimalist design (avoid extraneous information)

4. Usability and Interactivity

5. Oral presentation on website
• Clarity
• Fluency/Smoothness of flow
• Spontaneity (sparing use of notes, with no reading aloud)
• Knowledge of the project and how it was done

All finalists shall be required to give a five (5) minutes presentation on their website.