Subject to the provisions of the telecommunication regulation, where a dispute arises between a retail customer and a telecommunications provider, or between two or more telecommunications providers, the aggrieved party, shall first seek redress from the respondent telecommunications provider by filing a statement of complaint with the respondent telecommunications provider.

The respondent or Telecommunications provider shall send, within three business days, a confirmation of receipt of the statement of complaint, with the telecommunications provider complaint tracking number, to the complainant. The telecommunication provider shall take all reasonable steps to amicably resolve a complaint filed within thirty (30) days of the date of filing of the statement of complaint.

When does a dispute occur?
A dispute occurs when there is a problem between a consumer and their telecommunications provider.

Step 1
Contact your telecommunications provider to inform them of your issue. At this stage your telecommunications provider should provide you with a complaint form to fill out which should include a unique complaint number.

Step 2
Give your telecommunications provider 30 days from the date of filing to amicably resolve your complaint.

Step 3
If the telecommunications provider fails to resolve the issue within 30 days of filing your complaint or you are unhappy with the outcome, you can then file an application with the NTRC to assist in resolving the matter.

Step 4
At this stage the NTRC might suggest a way to resolve the dispute by any of the following actions within 60 days:
(a) direct the parties to continue negotiations;
(b) request from a party such additional information as may be required;
(c) issue a decision;
(d) issue and publish an order noting a resolution and due date to be implemented;
(e) enter the order referred to in paragraph (d) and supporting information into the Commission Complaint Record Tracking System for the necessary follow-up action;
(f) determine that mediation is appropriate and appoint a mediator to the dispute;
(g) determine the alternative dispute resolution technique other than mediation which is appropriate in the circumstances and appoint a qualified person to facilitate that process;
(h) decide to operate as a tribunal to resolve the dispute; or
(i) approve an arbitration panel to resolve the dispute.

Statement of complaint form can be downloaded here

Where after thirty (30) days of the date of filing of a statement of complaint, the parties have
made reasonable efforts in good faith and are unable to amicably resolve the dispute for which the statement of complaint was filed, either party may, file an application with the Commission for assistance with the resolution of the matter.

An application shall–

(a) be in the form prescribed in Form 2 of the Third Schedule;

(b) be filed in triplicate with one copy being addressed to the Commission, the second copy to ECTEL, and the third copy to the other party to the dispute;

(c) contain, if any, such information or evidence describing the status of any negotiation between the parties to resolve the dispute during the thirty-day time limit; and

(d) contain, if any, such information as to the form of alternative dispute
resolution process preferred in the circumstances.

Application for assistance form can be downloaded here