NTRC encouraging local content development and hosting

POSTED ON May 2, 2018 | Blog

For some time, there have been talks about the construction of datacenters, and the promotion of local content development and hosting in the pipeline. While some foundational work had been done with the build out and commission of the local Internet Exchange Point in 2011, efforts to realise the broader vision became dormant. Although the Internet Exchange Point has been operational since; and continues to serve as one of the critical infrastructural elements needed to drive digital transformation, the IXP, by itself, is not enough to foster local content development to drive innovation.
Notably however, since the IXP was moved to the premises of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, to date all providers on island, which include Affordable Island Communications, Digicel Grenada Ltd, Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd, Columbus Communications and Greendot Ltd, have been connected at the IXP. Packet Clearing House (PCH) is also a peering member at the exchange.

As host to the Internet Exchange Point (IXP), the NTRC holds a special stake in its success and remains committed to its continued development as it will allow for more benefits to be transfer to consumers as content it brought closer to them. Aligned with this commitment, in April of 2017 the NTRC embarked on a special project dubbed the “GREX Datacenter”, to build a facility close to the IXP to support content hosting for governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.
The goal of this datacenter project was to create an enabling environment to encourage local content development and hosting. With support from the CARCIP to procure some of the equipment housed at the facility, the GREX Datacenter was officially on December 22, 2017.
Today, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) is pleased to announce the transfer of its website from its previous hosting provider, to its new home at the GREX Datacenter; making the NTRC’s website the first to be hosted at the facility. This move serves to reaffirm the Commission’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for content development and innovation.

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