Spectrum Management Overview

The Commission is mandated under the Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000 to plan, supervise, regulate and manage the use of the radio frequency spectrum in conjunction with ECTEL, including the assignment and registration of radio frequencies to be used by all stations operating in Grenada.

The principal mechanisms for managing the spectrum are the Spectrum Management Regulations and the Regional Spectrum Plan. The management of the spectrum in Grenada follows a harmonized approach with the other Contracting ECTEL member States. By signing the ECTEL Treaty, these states have harmonized their Telecommunications Acts and regulations, including the Spectrum Management Regulations.

The Spectrum Management Regulations is a document developed to be used in conjunction with the Telecommunications Act. These regulations outline the role, responsibilities and powers of ECTEL and the Commission with regard to the spectrum, and also the necessary procedures, guidelines, and obligations involved. The document gives information on how the spectrum should be managed, focusing on the functions of the Commission in monitoring and managing the resource, and guidelines for assigning frequencies. It also defines the powers that the Commission has to enforce these rules, and to limit the occurrence of harmful interference.

It is the responsibility of the Frequency Authorization Holder to ensure that their equipment does not produce emissions outside of the assigned frequency. As such, special filters and other additional equipment may need to be purchased and installed in order to prevent interference to other frequencies on the spectrum. A licensee that fails to do so can have its authorization suspended or revoked.

With wireless RF communications one must realize that, depending on the frequency used, radio waves can travel quite a distance and, in due course, are able to disturb other wireless RF communications services. On the other hand, the radio frequency spectrum is a scarce natural resource. Therefore, the Radio frequency Spectrum must be carefully manage by the commission.

The function of the Commission is investigate and resolve complaints related to harmful interference.

To help manage the spectrum, the NTRC uses sensitive equipment to:

  • Monitor and analyze the radio frequency to ensure that spectrum users comply with the terms and conditions of their licences.
  • to detect illegal use of frequencies or equipment;

Intermittently, some radio waves may cause interference to other users of the spectrum.

The function of the NTRC is to:

If you are experiencing interference on your licensed radiocommunications equipment, you can complain to the NTRC. Complaint can be file by contacting the NTRC at 473-435-6872 or by completing the Interference Complaint form.

  • monitor and ensure that licensees comply with the conditions attached to their licences;
  • investigate and resolve complaints related to harmful interference;