Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q. What is the NTRC?

  • A. The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

Q. Who are the members of the NTRC?

  • A. The NTRC is comprised of five (5) government appointed Commissioners and an appointed Secretary. There are various support staff that assist in the day-to-day operations in Administrative, Engineering and Technical aspects

Q. Why must Telecommunications be regulated?

  • A. To ensure a fair market and the best possible services for Grenadians.

Q. What is ECTEL?

  • A. ECTEL is the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority, a body comprised of five (5) OECS countries: Dominica; Grenada; St. Kitts; St. Lucia; and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Q. Can I apply for any license?

  • A. 

    Any individual or company can apply for any license offered by the NTRC. All license applications must be completed separately* in triplicate and each application fee must be paid to the NTRC on submission (All fees must be made payable to the Government of Grenada).

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all necessary documentation supports their request for a license. The NTRC is not responsible for collecting application information for applicants. If in the process of review by the NTRC, information is found to be missing, the contact designated on the application form will be notified to make the required additions or corrections.

    *Some forms have multiple licenses attached to them (i.e. the Individual License form covers five (5) license types - Fixed Public Networks, Public Mobile, Public Radio Paging, ISVR and Submarine Cable - and while one form may be filled in and the appropriate boxes checked, all relevant information for each license requirement must be included in triplicate.

Q. What are the different classes of licenses?

  • A. 

    There are four (4) license classes - Individual, Class, Frequency Authorisation and Special.
    Individual License classes

    Fixed Public Telecommunications
    Internet Network and Services
    Public Mobile Telecommunications
    Public Radio Paging
    Submarine Cable

    Class License classifications

    (Type A)
    Private Network/Services
    Value Added Services
    Internet Service
    International Simple Voice Resale
    Audio Text / Video Text
    Radio and Television Broadcast

    (Type B)       
    Amateur Radio
    Citizen Band Radio
    Family Radio
    Land Mobile Radio
    Maritime and Aeronautical Mobile Radio

    (Type C)
    Terminal Equipment Dealer
    Customer Premises wiring
    Type ApprovaL Ceertification
    Customer Premises Installation and Repair Certification

Q. How do I apply for a license?

  • A. Print an application form [forms can be found in the application section of this web site] Fill in all information requested. Submit the form in triplicate each with the signature of the applicant on the last page. Remit application fee as outlined on form. All application fees should be made payable to the Government of Grenada.

Q. Can I apply now and pay later?

  • A. No. Fees must accompany forms. Applications without the relevant fee will not be reviewed until the fee is remitted.