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Sector Milestones

A snapshot of achievements within the sector.

Before the year 2000, Telecommunications Services were offered under a monopoly framework. The following are some of the major sector highlights since that time.

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The ECTEL Treaty was signed in Grenada in May 2000
establishing the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority

January, 2001

Establishment of the NTRC Office

April, 2001

Agreement to terminate monopoly rights was signed


Telecommunications licences were granted to Cable & Wireless

January 2002

Telecommunications licences were granted to the first telecommunications competitor (Global Network Providers Inc)

March, 2002

Cable & Wireless began offering ADSL service

May, 2002

Agreement between the OECS contracting states and Cable & Wireless was signed to enable the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector

October, 2003

Digicel launched GSM cellular mobile phone network and services

July, 2004

The first price cap plan was signed to regulate Cable & Wireless fixed-line services

October, 2005

First radio broadcaster licence granted

June, 2006

Licence was granted to Grenada cable vision limited to operate a cable television network and services

November, 2006

Licence was granted to southern Caribbean fibre (Grenada) Ltd to employ and operate a subsea fibre-optic cable

January, 2007

Southern Caribbean Fibre landed a subsea fibre-optic cable link to Grenada to enhance telecommunication service

April, 2008

Columbus Communications Ltd closed the acquisition of Grenada Cablevision Ltd to rebrand as Flow Grenada

September, 2010

Launch of the Universal Service and the NTRC 10th Anniversary Celebrations

May, 2011

Grenada IXP was launched – signing of IXP agreement between LIME and FLOW

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