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Before any telecommunications provider offers service to the public, they are required to first submit an application for licensing to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission for consideration. Depending on the scope of the service being offered or planned to be offered, the Commission may issue a Class, Individual or Special Licence, which may or may not be accompanied by a Frequency Authorization.

All licencing applications should be addressed and forwarded to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission with the required supporting documents attached. All applications are required to remit/pay a non-refundable application fee to the Commission together with applications. Applications with missing details may be rejected.

The grant of a Licence or Frequency Authorization to a person does not authorize that person to own or operate any telecommunications network, to provide any telecommunications service, other than that prescribed in the Licence of Frequency Authorization.

Licence Categories

There are myriad of telecommunications services which can be offered and are governed under the umbrella of the Telecommunications Act. Ranging from infrastructure to broadcast the licences for these services are grouped into four main categories. The following are the licence categories covered under the Telecommunications Act.

Special Licence

This a license granted pursuant to provisions of section 6 by the Minister for Telecommunications in an emergency or other exigent circumstances. The telecoms Act indicates that a special license shall be for a term not to exceed ten calendar days and shall not be renewable.

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Frequency Authorization

This is an ancillary license which would be required in addition to the Individual or Class License for wireless applications or services that require use of the frequency spectrum such as Radio/ TV Broadcast, Maritime Radio and Public Mobile Telecommunications

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Class Licence

Class license are used for applicant who seek to be providers of telecoms services such as Internet Service Provision; users of services such as Amateur Radio and services that can be construed as other support services and controls for the sector.

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Individual Licence

The services that fall under this licence are generally infrastructure-related. These services often provide the network/ foundation upon which other services (such as Value-Added Services and Internet Service Provision) can be supported. Licensing Licensing Revised Criteria Evaluation Individiual License Application Application For A Submarine Cable License

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