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Type Approval Procedures

All radio or Telecommunications equipment require Type Approval before they can be imported, installed, sold or used in the state of Grenada. To gain Type Approval Certification for radio and/or Telecommunications equipment the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Submit a signed letter requesting Type Approval along with the following information to the NTRC Grenada:
  • Completed Type Approval Application Form
  • Technical Documentation of the Equipment
  • Foreign Type Approval Certificate (FCC or other Regulatory Body Certification)
  • Letter of Authorization (if applicant is an Authorized Agent) (optional)
  • Test Reports
  • Application Fee of EC$500 per application
  • A Sample of the Equipment may be requested
  • User Manual may be requested.
  1. Payment of Application Fee
  • Applications paid for by Foreign or Certified Cheque, International Money Order etc. have a lead time of approximately 6 weeks starting from the time all the relevant documents and payments have been received by the NTRC.
  • Payment by Wire Transfer, Local Cheque or Cash has a much shorter lead time.

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