Licensing Overview

The Telecommunications Act of Grenada necessitates that the operation of any telecommunications network or any other service requiring the use of spectrum must submit an application to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission for consideration. The ACT identifies three broad categories of Telecommunications Licenses which include individual, class and special licences. It is important to note that the grant of a Licence or Frequency Authorisation to a person does not authorise that person to own or operate any telecommunications network, or provide any telecommunications service, other than that prescribed in the licence or frequency authorisation.

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The NTRC may approve of equipment to a Telecommunication Network or terminal equipment in Pursuant to the Telecommunications Act No. 31 of 2000. The approval may be effected after the issuance of a Certificate. Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements. The Type Approval is required before a product is allowed to be sold in the country.

What is a Type Approval Certification and why is it required?

Type Approval of radio communication device and terminal equipment is the authorization of equipment which has never been granted a license for manufacturing or importation, by verifying the compliance of the equipment against the standards which have been adopted by our administration. It ensures that the equipment conform to appropriate standards and principles of product safety and will not interfere with other equipment or network.

What is Terminal Equipment?

Certain Telecommunications devices that are connected at the customer's or user's premises. It is mandatory to obtain Type Approval certification for any radio communication device and terminal equipment intended for use in the State of Grenada.

Equipment requiring Type Approval in Grenada include but are not limited to:

* Cellular phones
* Cordless phones
* Fax machines
* GSM telephones
* Mobile radios
* Modems
* Wireless remote devices
* PABXs (including small business systems and key systems)
* Pagers
* Radio receivers
* Radio transmitters
* Satellite earth stations
* Telecommunications switching equipment
* Telephone instruments
* Telex Equipment
* Other equipment emitting a radio signal
* Wireless
* Wi-Fi
* Bluetooth
* SRD (Short Range Devices)
* Cellular GSM, WDCMA LTE
* WLAN (2,4Ghz, 5Ghz 10Ghz)
* Tyre Pressure Sensors
* Remote Keyless Entry
* Wireless-M-Bus
* Wireless Can Bus
* Radar
* Satellite
* MBAN (mobile Body Area Networks)
* Mobile Satellite Communications
* Wireless Energy Transfer
* Any customer premises equipment to be attached to any part of a licensed telecommunications network

Procedure for acquiring Equipment Type Approval in Grenada

All radio or Telecommunications equipment require Type Approval before they can be imported, installed, sold or used in the state of Grenada. To gain Type Approval Certification for radio and/or Telecommunications equipment the following procedure must be followed:

1. Submit a signed letter requesting Type Approval along with the following information to the NTRC Grenada:

i. Completed Type Approval Application Form

ii. Technical Documentation of the Equipment

iii. Foreign Type Approval Certificate (FCC or other Regulatory Body Certification)

iv. Letter of Authorization (if applicant is an Authorized Agent) (optional)

v. Test Reports

vi. Application Fee of EC$500 per application

vii. A Sample of the Equipment may be requested

viii. User Manual may be requested.

2. Payment of Application Fee

i. Applications paid for by Foreign or Certified Cheque, International Money Order etc. have a lead time of approximately 6 weeks starting from the time all the relevant documents and payments have been received by the NTRC.

ii. Payment by Wire Transfer, Local Cheque or Cash has a much shorter lead time.


Type approval for Radio Communication equipment in Grenada is done by recognition of type approval test reports which are prepared according to international standards.

Radio Standard:

Grenada recognizes the international standards set by the following bodies:

* FCC: Federal Communications Commission

* ANSI: American National Standards Institute

* ETSI: European Telecommunications Standardization Institute

* ITU: International Telecommunications Union

* IC: Industry Canada

* CE: European Conformity

* Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standard: Radio communications equipment should have EMC standard in accordance with international standards.

* Electrical Safety Standard: Radio communication equipment should have Electricity Safety standard in accordance with international standards

* Applications are accepted from: Manufacturer of equipment or authorized institution. An individual user for a specific piece of equipment.

Terms and Condition of Certification:

The certificate is valid under condition that the equipment being granted approval is identical to the one tested. Any changes to the name or model of the type approved equipment will require a new type approval. This involves reapplication with revised supporting documents. If the technical specifications have not been amended, reference can be made to the original type approval. However, the applicant must submit a letter of declaration stating that the technical specifications for the old named/model equipment is the same as the new name/model equipment. The Certificate may be revoked if holders use it beyond approved scope or if determined to have been obtained illegally. Other Licensing Requirements: Applicants may be required to obtain other licences to make, import or install radio communications.

NB: Please Note that a separate application is required for each model of equipment

1. The process of application requires that the appropriate forms be completed in TRIPLICATE and be
submitted in an envelope addressed to the Secretary, National Telecommunications
Regulatory Commission. Note that additional instructions, specific to the licence that is
being applied for, are provided with the application forms.

2. The last part of the application form is the Declaration, where the applicant affirms the
accuracy of the information submitted on the form. This section of the form must have
original signatures – facsimile or photocopies will not be accepted.

3. The completed application form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, payable to
the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. The approved application fee
structure is attached to the end of this document.

4. Any additional information that the applicant may wish to provide, which cannot fit into
the space provided on the forms, can be attached to the form.

5. Each copy of the application form submitted must have attached the required
documentation and any additional information that is being provided

6. The applicant should indicate which, if any, information provided in the application is

7. It is advisable to include a summary sheet that itemizes all of the documents that are
being submitted, including attachments.

8. Upon submission of the completed application forms, a response will be sent,
acknowledging receipt of the documents.

1. Application fees are to be submitted with the application.

2. Initial fees are payable upon the award of the licences.

3. Annual fees are payable on the anniversary date of the licence.

4. Licence fees should be made payable to the Government of Grenada.

5. Spectrum Fees should be made payable to the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority.

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Individual Licence Types

- Public Mobile Telecommunications download application form

- Fixed Public Telecommunications download application form

- Public Radio Paging download application form

- Internet Networks & Services download application form

- Subscriber Television Networks & Services download application form

- Submarine Cable Landing download application form

Class Licence

- Mobile Virtual Network/Services download application form

- Resale of lease circuit download application form

- Internet Protocol Telephony Service download application form

- Value Added Services download application form

- Audio text / Video text download application form

- International Simple Voice Resale download application form

- Private Telecoms Network/Services download application form

- Radio Broadcast and Television Broadcast download application form

- Aeronautical Mobile Radio download application form

- Maritime Mobile Radio download application form

- Land Mobile Radio download application form

- Amateur Radio download application form

- Type Approval Certification download application form

- Aircraft Station Radio download application form

- Ship Station Radio download application form

Frequency Authorization

- Frequency Authorization download application form