Governments in the OECS have had very limited intervention in the assignment of numbers prior to the liberalization of the telecommunications sector. The advent of competition and the desire to promote a competitive telecommunications environment require that a fair and equitable distribution system be developed for the distribution of numbers. This necessitates the development of national numbering plans and in keeping with the approach of developing a single telecommunications space there is need for a Regional Plan.

The Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000 makes provision for the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to establish and manage a national plan for the allocation of numbers among telecommunications providers

Why a numbering plan?

The incumbent operator previously did the administration of numbers. It is however a normal consequence of the liberalization process that this would be done by an independent regulator. In a liberalized environment the numbering plan should be administered in order to allow a fair and equitable competition among the different operators. Management of the numbering system is now done by the NTRC’s in consultation with ECTEL.

The Numbering Plan for ECTEL must reflect the competitive telecommunication market for the country. Hence a competition-driven Numbering Policy is being developed and will be modified to accommodate new functions such as number portability, ENUM, non-geographic codes and carrier selection. Click here to download the Regional Numbering Plan.

Fees for the use of Numbers

  Application Initial Annual
Central Office Codes (Block of 10,000 numbers) $150 $220 $410
Short Codes (blocks of 10 codes) $100 $575 $1060

Grenada Dialing Scheme

Local NANP Countries Countries Outside NANPA
7 Digits 1 + 10 Digits 011 + 8-16 Digits

Codes Used in Grenada

Short Codes Service Codes Service
0 Operator Assistance
2653 121 Operator Assistance
277 131 Directory Assistance
422 211 Driving Reports
426 222 Sales
4636 237 Fault lines
622 292 Fault lines
6387872 311 Operator Assistance
7283 353 Fault lines
774 399 Coast Guard
777 411 Directory Assistance
786 434 Fire
8255 511 Operator Service
876 611 Fault lines
930 811 Customer Relations
957 822 Billing Information
990-999 911 Emergency