USF Overview

The Universal Service Fund was established by the Government of Grenada pursuant to the Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000, to promote or to otherwise provide Universal Service in Telecommunications. The operation of the Universal Service will ensure the widest possible access to telecommunications at an affordable rate by the people of Grenada in order to enable them to share in the freedom to communicate over and efficient and modern telecommunications network.

In 2009 the Universal Service Fund came into effect with the promulgation of the Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund) Regulations SRO 21. Of 2009 and the Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund) Contribution Order SRO 20 of 2009, which provides for the proper and efficient management of the Universal Service Fund. In accordance with the Universal Service Fund Contribution Order, the Fund consists of contributions from telecommunications providers, as stipulated in their licence agreement. The fund is levied on the Gross Revenue of the licenced providers based on the year their licence was issued.

The implementation of the Universal Service Fund Programme in Grenada will have significant benefits on the residents of the Grenada. These benefits include:

Expansion of telecommunications service throughout Grenada with emphasis on the unserved, underserved and maritime areas and public institutions with the goal to promote the social, educational and economic development of Grenada

Increase the availability and affordability of basic and advance telecommunications service among rural communities

Drive the level of penetration, specifically internet penetration, in Grenada

Encourage the advancement of technological innovation in the telecommunications sector, including use of e-services like e-health, e-business.

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  • Trained over 860 persons on Cybersecurity

  • Trained over 60 persons in ICTs

    Capacity Building
  • Delivered over 88 specialised equipment/devices for persons with disabilities

    Disability Project

This Fund will subsidise the expansion of telecommunications service to previously unserved and underserved areas to enable telecommunication providers to serve localities which will not be otherwise financially viable without some level of subsidization. This includes the provision of telecommunication services to persons with disabilities, indigent, elderly which are normally overlooked by the commercial markets.