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Spectrum Management

The Commission is mandated under the Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000 to plan, supervise, regulate and manage the use of the radio frequency spectrum in conjunction with ECTEL, including the assignment and registration of radio frequencies to be used by all stations operating in Grenada. The Spectrum Management Regulations is a document developed to be […]366
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Before any telecommunications provider offers service to the public, they are required to first submit an application for licensing to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission for consideration.207
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The Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000 makes provision for the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to establish and manage a numbering plan for the allocation of numbers among telecommunications providers. The plan allows for and ensures equitable access to numbering resources among operators. Grenada Dialling Scheme NANPA Countries – The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is […]410
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Type Approval

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is responsible for certifying radio communication, electronic and terminal equipment for use in the State of Grenada. The certification process ensures that the equipment conform to appropriate standards and principles of product safety and will not cause harmful interference to other electronic/telecommunications equipment, system or service. The certification authorizes persons […]446
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The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission processes four (4) different types of broadcast licenses. These are: FM Radio, AM Radio, Television (Terrestrial) and Subscriber Television (Subscriber Television can either be by means of cable or wireless application). In the state of Grenada, a Broadcast Licence is a three-part license which includes a class, frequency authorization and […]406
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Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio – often called ham radio, is both a hobby and a service that uses various types of radio communications equipment to communicate with other radio amateurs for public service, recreation and self-training. A participant is called an amateur radio operator, or a ham. Amateur radio operators enjoy personal wireless communications with each other […]371
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Universal Service Fund

The Universal Service Fund is managed and administered by the NTRC in accordance with Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund) Regulations SRO 21 of 2009. The Fund supports the establishment of telecommunication networks in unserved and underserved communities, and the provision of telecommunication services to unserved and underserved communities, persons with disabilities, as well as the elderly, […]415
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In addition to our mandate to regulate the telecommunications sector, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission is a critical stakeholder in the broader Information & Communications Technology scheme. The Commission funds and supports a number of ICT initiatives geared to promote the development of the ICT ecosystem in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.378
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