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The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission processes four (4) different types of broadcast licenses. These are: FM Radio, AM Radio, Television (Terrestrial) and Subscriber Television (Subscriber Television can either be by means of cable or wireless application).

In the state of Grenada, a Broadcast Licence is a three-part license which includes a class, frequency authorization and service licence. The class license facility covers the transmitters, antennas and any other device or apparatus which forms part of the broadcasting system. The Frequency Authorization authorizes the licensee to legally use the assigned frequency(s) to provide terrestrial broadcasting service. The Service License governs the content aspect of broadcasting service.

About Broadcast Licence Components

Class Licence

A Broadcast Class license is the main license for broadcasting stations. This license document licenses the broadcasting facility whether radio, television or subscriber.

Service Licence

A Broadcast Service license regulates the programming content of a broadcast station. This license falls directly under the purview of the Cabinet of the Government of Grenada.

Frequency Authorization

This is an ancillary licence which authorizes broadcasters to transmit on a particular frequency which is assigned according to this authorization.

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